About Alpine

Moving Real Estate Forward

We’re a team of innovative agents who founded a non-traditional agency. Our philosophy is to keep it simple, make it easy, and do it right. We’re energetic, problem-solving and results seeking individuals focused on providing a precise and personable experience to real estate transactions. Our emphasis of incorporating relevant technologies to our services helps us stand out as the smart, agile and adaptive agency within our market. The overall aim is to produce a refreshing new approach to how real estate is done while delivering uncompromising results. We keep it interesting, we keep it fair, we keep it real and we know how to do the job.

We’re moving forward with the mission of moving you forward.

Committed to Our Clients

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We believe a real estate agency should always do what is best for its clients, that’s why we have an unwavering commitment to doing just that. The experience is carefully tailored from start to close with you in mind. From our low rates, the conveniences we offer, and the personable touch we apply to each transaction.

Our Technology Suite

Built with your needs in mind with trusted brands. Optimized performance that's unparalleled in our market.
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The First to Introduce 4% Commissions

Selling your home shouldn't cost 6% of the price. So we introduced lower commissions to help our clients save money and be competitive. We accomplished this by reducing our side of the commission from 3% down to 1.5%. Next, we offer an incentivizing rate of 2.5% to other agents for finding a buyer.

Keeping our overhead costs down and using a modern approach enables us to pass savings along to our clients while still providing the full-services of a traditional agency.