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Most people think you have to pay 5% to 6% commissions to sell a home.

The truth is it shouldn't cost that much. Times have changed. Modern real estate practices, like listings on the internet, have significantly reduced the costs to an agency to sell your home. But most agencies still want to charge you the same amount of money that they have for decades.

We don't think that's right.

Introducing Alpine's Modern Commissions

Lower commissions that save clients thousands. Change is good.

For Homes Valued $200,000 - $499,999

$3500 + 2.5%

Flat Rate Listing fee of $3500 is paid to Alpine agent, and 2.5% to the buyer’s agent.

Paid at closing, only when your home sells.

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For Homes Valued $500,000+


The total commission is split 1.0% to Alpine agent, and 2.5% to the buyer’s agent.

Paid at closing, only when your home sells.

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*Savings are calculated comparing Alpine rates versus a 5% commission at the price selected.

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Justin Gubatayao


Founding partner and agent, Justin comes from a background in sales and finance that spans 12 years. Certified from the National Association of REALTORS® as a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA).

John Thompson


Founding partner and broker of Alpine Real Estate, John has been in the real estate industry for 7 years. Currently the 2019 Realtor Director for the SE Alaska Board of REALTORS®.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the catch?

There is no catch. You won’t find any fine print. We operate similarly to a traditional agency. The key differences are that we leverage modern technology and a different agent payment structure. It helps us keep costs low. Then we pass those savings on to you.

What services do you provide?

We provide all of the same services you’d expect when working with any traditional brokerage — often referred to as “full-service”. That includes pricing your home, high-quality photography, marketing strategy, scheduling showings, negotiating the price, and handling the paperwork for closing. We also include services that many agencies do not, like Matterport 3D home tours.

Is your pricing accurate?

Yes. We use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). It is the most commonly used approach to pricing in real estate. The process compares recently sold homes that are similar to the subject property. Adjustments are made based on differences that either add or decrease the value. The end value is used to help determine an asking price and strategy. We always share our CMA with you to get your input.

Where do you market?

We primarily use online marketing. With the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) any listings we post are syndicated worldwide. This includes some of the most popular searches such as Zillow, Trulia,,, and all of the local real estate searches. In addition, we also market extensively on social media and create a customized page on our site to feature your home.

Why is 2.5% paid to a buyer's agent?

In just about every real estate transaction there are different agents representing the buyer(s) and the seller(s). Even though the seller(s) is the only one that pays a commission, their agent agrees to split the commission with the buyer’s agent for their representation to the buyer. Because agents are accustomed to receiving a minimum of 2.5% (or half of 5%) our structure still includes that incentive. It helps ensure other agents stay up on your listing.

How did you determine the commissions?

(Homes Valued $200,000 to $499,999)

The flat rate model for commissions is already in use throughout the country and gaining in popularity. It is one of many new approaches being introduced to real estate markets, especially by large start-ups. Our commissions are based on an hourly rate and the average working-hours an agent spends to sell a home, which is between 30-40 hours. It is important to note, however, that no matter how much time we spend on the transaction we will never charge more than the flat rate. In our opinion, it is a fair way to go about it.

(Homes Valued $500,000+)

At a certain price point, homes start to incur more time, materials, and risks that add to the costs of an agency. This includes professional photography, additional marketing strategies, and a longer time on the market. Homes in the upper price category also tend to have more complexities and higher risks. In our market, we determined that the price point be $500,000 and up when these additional costs enter the transaction. For that reason, we do charge a 3.5% total, with Alpine’s cut at 1%. All things considered, this is still comparatively lower than the national average of 5% to 6%.

When and how do I pay?

You pay the commission at closing. Typically, the commission is taken out of the proceeds from the sale. There are no upfront costs and you only pay us when we sell your home. If you decide to take your home off the market, there are no penalties or fees.

How do I get started?

You can call us directly or send us your contact information online. We’re happy to provide you with a free consultation to help determine if we’re the right fit to help you with your real estate goals. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide you with relevant information. There is no obligation. We do our best to make it a stress-free and easy experience.